UTA名誉顧問 Jim Evans (ジム・エバンス)

メジャーリーグ審判員として28年間活躍をし、Jim Evans Academy of Professional Umpiring(審判学校。MLB公認)を設立。


Jim Evans has been active as a Major League umpire for 28 years and founded the Jim Evans Academy of Professional Umpiring, which is MLB-certified. Known for his steadfast adherence to the fundamentals of umpiring, he has also excelled as an instructor with what is said to be the world’s foremost knowledge of baseball rules. He resides in Colorado, USA, and is 70 years old.

Jim Evans Academy of Professional Umpiring

主な略歴 Key Career Highlights

1989年、Jim Evans Academy of Professional Umpiring(審判学校)を設立。質の高い審判教育を提供し、200名以上のプロ野球審判を輩出。日本からの受講生も多く受け入れた。

Born on November 5, 1946, in Texas, USA. Graduated from Texas State University with a teaching certification. Started umpiring baseball at the age of 14. Made his debut as a minor league umpire at 23 and joined MLB at 25. He had a successful 28-year career in MLB umpiring, including 22 years as a crew chief. Participated in the World Series four times and the All-Star Game three times.

In 1989, he founded the Jim Evans Academy of Professional Umpiring, providing high-quality umpire education and producing over 200 professional baseball umpires, including many from Japan. He was instrumental in introducing the four-umpire system to the Pacific League (now NPB) in Japan and made a total of 15 trips to Japan to train over 1,000 domestic amateur umpires.

Currently, he serves as a special advisor to the Minor League Umpire Development organization (PBUC) in the United States and is an honorary advisor to UTA.

主な著書 Major Works

『ダイヤモンド チャレンジ(絶対に分かるイラスト野球ルール ※日本語版)』
『Offical Baseball Rules Annotated』
『Professional Baseball Rules Index』ほか

Major Works

“Calling the Game: Baseball Umpiring Mechanics for the Advanced Umpire”
“The Evans Baseball Umpiring Manual”
“You’re Out and You’re Ugly, Too!: Confessions of an Umpire with Attitude”
“Coaching Baseball Umpires”
“Umpiring the Professional Way”
These are some of his notable publications.